Susan Logan, PhD

Susan LoganAssociate Professor of Urology and Pharmacology
PhD, 1989 Brandeis University

550 First Avenue
2nd Floor, Room 249
Medical Science Building
New York, NY 10016
Tel: (212) 263-2621
Lab website:

Research Theme(s): Gene transcription and cell lineage specification
Keywords: androgen receptor, prostate cancer

Research Summary:

A major focus of our work is to uncover the mechanism by which the androgen steroid hormone receptor directs gene transcription in response to cellular context.
The androgen receptor directs many aspects of human physiology including male development and maintenance of the prostate gland. The AR acts in conjunction with chromatin binding proteins that regulate polymerase action and recruitment of AR to target genes. We have recently characterized a new repression complex that contains Unconventional prefoldin RPB5 Interactor (URI), a component of the androgen receptor transcription complex modified in response to hormones, DNA damage and nutrient uptake. URI and interacting binding proteins appear important for cell lineage specification and may be important in germ cell maturation.

In addition, we are collaborating with the DasGupta laboratory to understand the synergistic role of beta-catenin, a Wnt effector protein, and the AR in regulation of AR function in prostate cancer and cancer initiating cells.

Selected Publications: