Kwok-Kin Wong, MD, PhD

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Director, Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology
PhD, 1996
Columbia University, New York, NY
NYU Medical Oncology Associates 

Wong Lab

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NYU Medical Oncology Associates 

160 East 34th Street, 8th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10016 

Tel.: (212) 731-5662

Understanding the pathogenesis and genetic alterations involved in lung tumorigenesis, as well as testing novel targeted cancer therapeutics in vivo in lung cancers
My research, teaching and clinical activities focus on understanding the pathogenesis and genetic alterations involved in lung tumorigenesis, as well as testing novel targeted cancer therapeutics in vivo in lung cancers.  My laboratory integrates human cancer genomic studies, generation of new de novo mouse model of cancers and novel drug treatment studies utilizing these genetically engineered mouse cancer models.  These genetically defined autochthonous lung cancer models are extensively utilized in my laboratory for treatment studies to determine the efficacy of novel targeted therapeutics or immunotherapeutics, either as single agents or in combination. Equally important, these “mouse clinical trials” studies will elucidate the molecular mechanisms of sensitivity and resistance to targeted therapies and immunotherapy stratified by genetic alterations in the different types of lung cancers, with the hope that insights could lead to curative combination regimens for patients with advanced lung cancer.
Selected Publications: 
  • Interleukin-17A Promotes Lung Tumor Progression Through Neutrophil Attraction to Tumor Sites and Mediating Resistance to PD-1 Blockade. Akbay, Esra A; Koyama, Shohei; Liu, Yan; Dries, Ruben; Bufe, Lauren E; Silkes, Michael; Alam, Md Maksudul; Magee, Dillon M; Jones, Robert; Jinushi, Masahisa; Kulkarni, Meghana; Carretero, Julian; Wang, Xiaoen; Warner-Hatten, Tiquella; Cavanaugh, Jillian D; Osa, Akio; Kumanogoh, Atsushi; Freeman, Gordon J; Awad, Mark M; Christiani, David C; Bueno, Raphael; Hammerman, Peter S; Dranoff, Glenn; Wong, Kwok-Kin. Journal of thoracic oncology. 2017 May 6. 12 (8): 1268-1279
  • Synergistic Immunostimulatory Effects and Therapeutic Benefit of Combined Histone Deacetylase and Bromodomain Inhibition in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. Adeegbe, Dennis; Liu, Yan; Lizotte, Patrick H; Kamihara, Yusuke; Aref, Amir R; Almonte, Christina; Dries, Ruben; Li, Yuyang; Liu, Shengwu; Wang, Xiaoen; Warner-Hatten, Tiquella; Castrillon, Jessica; Yuan, Guo-Cheng; Poudel-Neupane, Neermala; Zhang, Haikuo; Guerriero, Jennifer L; Han, Shiwei; Awad, Mark M; Barbie, David A; Ritz, Jerome; Jones, Simon S; Hammerman, Peter S; Bradner, James E; Quayle, Steven N; Wong, Kwok-Kin. Cancer discovery. 2017 Apr 13. 7 (8): 852-867
  • Lkb1 inactivation drives lung cancer lineage switching governed by Polycomb Repressive Complex 2. Zhang, Haikuo; Fillmore Brainson, Christine; Koyama, Shohei; Redig, Amanda J; Chen, Ting; Li, Shuai; Gupta, Manav; Garcia-de-Alba, Carolina; Paschini, Margherita; Herter-Sprie, Grit S; Lu, Gang; Zhang, Xin; Marsh, Bryan P; Tuminello, Stephanie J; Xu, Chunxiao; Chen, Zhao; Wang, Xiaoen; Akbay, Esra A; Zheng, Mei; Palakurthi, Sangeetha; Sholl, Lynette M; Rustgi, Anil K; Kwiatkowski, David J; Diehl, J Alan; Bass, Adam J; Sharpless, Norman E; Dranoff, Glenn; Hammerman, Peter S; Ji, Hongbin; Bardeesy, Nabeel; Saur, Dieter; Watanabe, Hideo; Kim, Carla F; Wong, Kwok-Kin. Nature communications. 2017 Apr 07. 8: 14922-14922.