Tung-Tien Sun, PhD

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Professor of Cell Biology, Urology and Pharmacology,
and Rudolf L Baer Professor of Dermatology
PhD, 1967 Univ of California, Davis

Sun Lab
Stem Cell, Urothelium, Membrane, Permeability Barrier

Contact Information

Department of Cell Biology
Medical Sci Building, 6th FL, Rm 698
New York University Medical School
560 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Tel: (212) 263-5685
Fax: (212) 263-8561
E-mail: sunt01@nyume.org
Lab website: http://sun-lab.med.nyu.edu/

Identification and characterization of adult epithelial stem cells.


Our work led to the discoveries that (i) keratins are epithelial markers, (ii) corneal and hair follicular epithelial stem cells reside in the limbus and bulge, respectively, and (iii) uroplakins are major urothelial differentiation markers. Currently we work as a multi-disciplinary team, supported by an NIH Program Project grant, to study the structure, function and disease implications of uroplakin proteins, as well as the location and properties of bladder urothelial stem cells.

Selected Publications: 

Zocher, F., Zeidel, M.L., Missner, A., Sun, T.T., Zhou, G., Liao, Y., von Bodungen, M., Hill, W.G., Meyers, S., Pohl, P., et al. (2012). Uroplakins do not restrict CO2 transport through urothelium. J Biol Chem 287, 11011-11017. PMID: 22315218

Zhou, G., Liang, F.X., Romih, R., Wang, Z., Liao, Y., Ghiso, J., Luque-Garcia, J.L., Neubert, T.A., Kreibich, G., Alonso, M.A., Schaeren-Wiemers, N., and Sun, T.T. (2012). MAL facilitates the incorporation of exocytic uroplakin-delivering vesicles into the apical membrane of urothelial umbrella cells. Mol Biol Cell 23, 1354-1366. PMID: 22323295

Zhou, H., Liu, Y., He, F., Mo, L., Sun, T.T., and Wu, X.R. (2010). Temporally and spatially controllable gene expression and knockout in mouse urothelium. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 299, F387-395. PMID: 20427471

Sun, T.T., Tseng, S.C., and Lavker, R.M. (2010). Location of corneal epithelial stem cells. Nature 463, E10-11; discussion E11. PMID: 20182462

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Wang, H., Min, G., Glockshuber, R., Sun, T.T., and Kong, X.P. (2009). Uropathogenic E. coli adhesin-induced host cell receptor conformational changes: implications in transmembrane signaling transduction. J Mol Biol 392, 352-361. PMID: 19577575

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Garcia-Espana, A., Mares, R., Sun, T.T., and Desalle, R. (2009). Intron evolution: testing hypotheses of intron evolution using the phylogenomics of tetraspanins. PLoS ONE 4, e4680. PMID: 19262691

Hu, C.C., Bachmann, T., Zhou, G., Liang, F.X., Ghiso, J., Kreibich, G., and Sun, T.T. (2008). Assembly of a membrane receptor complex: roles of the uroplakin II prosequence in regulating uroplakin bacterial receptor oligomerization. Biochem J 414, 195-203. PMID: 18481938

Mo, L., Zheng, X., Huang, H.Y., Shapiro, E., Lepor, H., Cordon-Cardo, C., Sun, T.T., and Wu, X.R. (2007). Hyperactivation of Ha-ras oncogene, but not Ink4a/Arf deficiency, triggers bladder tumorigenesis. J Clin Invest 117, 314-325. PMID: 17256055

Brenner-Anantharam, A., Cebrian, C., Guillaume, R., Hurtado, R., Sun, T.T., and Herzlinger, D. (2007). Tailbud-derived mesenchyme promotes urinary tract segmentation via BMP4 signaling. Development 134, 1967-1975. PMID: 17442697