Glenn I. Fishman, MD

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William Goldring Professor of Medicine
Director, Leon H. Charney Division of Cardiology
M.D., 1983 Stanford University

Fishman Lab
Stem Cell Biology, Differentiation
Cardiomyocyte, Electrophysiology, ES Cell, IPS Cell, Purkinje Cell, Cardiac Conduction System

Contact Information

NYU School of Medicine
Division of Cardiology
522 First Avenue, Smilow 801
New York, NY 10016
Tel: (212) 263-3967

Developmental biology and electrophysiology of cardiac stem cells.



My laboratory studies cardiovascular electrophysiology and arrhythmia mechanisms.  Our work utilizes embryonic stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells and isolated embryonic hearts as model systems to explore the cell fate decision of cardiac progenitors as they mature into specific sub-types of cardiomyocytes, with a particular focus on cells that comprise the specialized conduction system network.

Selected Publications: 
  • Park, D. S., Tompkins, R. O., Liu, F.-Y., Zhang, J., Shin, D., Phoon, C. K. L., Zavadil, J., and Fishman, G. I. (2013). Pocket proteins critically regulate cell cycle exit of the trabecular myocardium and the ventricular conduction system Biol Open 2(9):968-78. PMID: 24143284
  • Danielson, L. S., Park, D. S., Rotllan, N., Chamorro-Jorganes, A., Guijarro, M. V., Fernandez-Hernando, C., Fishman, G. I., Phoon, C. K., and Hernando, E. (2013) Cardiovascular dysregulation of miR-17-92 causes a lethal hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and arrhythmogenesis, FASEB J. 27(4):1460-7. PMID: 23271053
  • Turbendian, H. K., Gordillo, M., Tsai, S.-Y., Lu, J., Kang, G., Liu, T.-C., Fishman, G. I., and Evans, T. (2013). GATA factors efficiently direct cardiac fate from embryonic stem cells Development 140(8):1639-44. PMID: 23487308
  • Rentschler S, Yen AH, Lu J, Petrenko NB, Lu MM, Patel VV, Fishman GI, Epstein JE. (2012). Myocardial Notch Signaling Reprograms Cardiomyocytes to a Conduction-Like Phenotype. Circulation 126(9):1058-66. PMID: 22837163
  • Remo BF, Qu J. Giovannone S, Volpicelli FM, Lent DS, Park DS, Liu F, Zhang J, Fishman GI. (2011). Phosphatase Resistant Gap Junctions Inhibit Pathologic Remodeling and Prevent Arrhythmias.  Circulation Research 108(12):1459-66. PMID: 21527737
  • Pallante BA, Giovannone S, Liu F-Y, Zhang J, Liu N, Kang G, Dun W, Boyden PA, Fishman GI. (2010). Contactin-2 Expression in the Cardiac Purkinje Fiber Network. Circ Arrhythmia Electrophys 3(2):186-94. PMID: 20110552
  • Kang G, Giovannone SF, Liu N, Liu FY, Zhang J, Priori SG, Fishman GI. (2010). Purkinje Cells from RyR2 Mutant Mice are Highly Arrhythmogenic but Responsive to Targeted Therapy. Circ Res 107(4):512-9. PMID: 20595652
  • Sotoodehnia N, et al. (2010). Common variants in 22 loci are associated with QRS duration and cardiac ventricular conduction.  Nature Genetics 42(12):1068-76. PMID: 21076409
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  • Kalcheva N, Qu J, Sandeep N, Garcia L, Zhang J, Wang Z, Lampe P, Suadicani SO, Spray DC, Fishman GI.  (2007). Gap junction remodeling and cardiac arrythmogenesis in a murine model of oculodentodigital dysplasia.  Proc. Natl Acad Sci, USA. 104(51):20512-6. PMID: 18077386
  • Yang L, Cai CL, Lin L, Qyang Y, Chung C, Monteiro RM, Mummery CL, Fishman GI, Cogen A, Evans S. (2006).  Isl1Cre reveals a common Bmp pathway in heart and limb development. Development 133(8):1575-85. PMID: 16556916
  • Morley, GE., Danik, SB., Bernstein, S., Sun, Y., Rosner, G., Gutstein, DE and GI Fishman. (2005). Reduced Intercellular Coupling Leads to Paradoxical Propagation across the Purkinje-Ventricular Junction and Aberrant Myocardial Activation.  Proc. Natl Acad Sci, USA 15;102(11):4126-9. PMID: 15753312
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