David Keefe, MD

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Professor; Stanley H. Kaplan Professor
and Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology;
Stanley H Kaplan Chr Dept Obstertrics & Gynecology

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Egg infertility, reproductive aging and stem cells

Fertility in women declines by their mid to late thirties, even while menses are regular and the rest of the body functions at near peak capacity. During this time the chance of pregnancy decreases and the chance of miscarriage increases, related to chromosome and other abnormalities in the eggs. My research group studies why a woman's eggs lose viability. We discovered changes in the chromosomes' ends, called the telomeres. We found that telomere attrition may contribute to the decreased fertility, as well as the increased miscarriage and aneuploidy risks observed in older women. We are developing tests of egg health based on measurement of telomere length. We also have shown in experimental animals that preventing telomere attrition may delay reproductive aging. Finally, we are using genomic approaches to identify the genes that influence telomere length and reproductive longevity in women

Selected Publications: 
  • A single-cell assay for telomere DNA content shows increasing telomere length heterogeneity, as well as increasing mean telomere length in human spermatozoa with advancing age. Antunes, Danielle M F; Kalmbach, Keri H; Wang, Fang; Dracxler, Roberta C; Seth-Smith, Michelle L; Kramer, Yael; Buldo-Licciardi, Julia; Kohlrausch, Fabiana B; Keefe, David L, Journal of assisted reproduction & genetics. 2015 Sep.
  • Inflammatory biomarkers and telomere length in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Chielli Pedroso, Daiana Cristina; Miranda-Furtado, Cristiana Libardi; Kogure, Gislaine Satyko; Meola, Juliana; Okuka, Maja; Silva, Celso; Calado, Rodrigo T; Ferriani, Rui Alberto; Keefe, David L; dos Reis, Rosana Maria. Fertility & sterility. 2015 FEB. 103 (2): 542-547
  • Inhibition of the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway in a murine model attenuates primordial follicle depletion during gonadotoxic chemotherapy. Goldman, K N; Keefe, D L; Arju, R; Duncan, F E; Grifo, J; Schneider, R. Fertility & sterility. 2015 September 2015. 104 (3): e249-e249