2016 Retreat

*REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED - if you would like to attend the retreat, please email julia.gelman@med.nyu.edu*

THE 5TH ANNUAL KIMMEL CENTER FOR STEM CELL BIOLOGY RETREAT WILL TAKE PLACE ON MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016  at the Kimmel Center located at 60 Washington Square South, New York, NY. 

This one day retreat will consist of a mixture of talks by members of the Kimmel Center for Stem Cell Biology, talks by individuals from members' labs, and poster presentations from each laboratory of the center and core facilities. The retreat will provide an opportunity for all members of the center to find out what exciting areas of stem cell biology are being pursued throughout the NYU School of Medicine stem cell community.  The retreat will feature two Keynote speakers.  This year's keynote speakers are:

Dr. Fiona Doetsch, PhD - Professor from Biozentrum, The Center for Molecular Life Sciences; University of Basel.  Dr. Doetsch investigates stem cells in the adult mammalian brain, focusing on elucidating the molecular and cellular pathways underlying their regulation.

Dr. Paul Frenette, MD - Chair and Director, The Ruth L. and David S. Gottesman Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research; Professor, Dept of Medicine and Cell Biology; Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  Dr. Frenette is working on understanding how hematopoietic stem cells and mature blood cells traffic in vivo, focusing on not only healthy stem cells but also in diseases such as sickle cell disease and cancer.  

The retreat is sponsored by:

  • The Kimmel Center for Stem Cell Biology
  • NYSTEM Training Program in Stem Cell Biology
  • NCI Training Program in Cancer Stem Cell Biology
  • The NYU Cancer Institute Stem Cell Biology Program






The Kimmel Center is located at 60 Washington Square South, New York, NY.

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Shuttle service is available from the medical center to Washington Square.  The shuttle schedule can be found here.  




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If you have any questions about the Kimmel Center for Stem Cell Biology annual retreat please contact julia.gelman@med.nyu.edu